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the liebster award!

09 August 2014

never heard of it? me either until it was brought to my attention by the lovely julie over at northern rustication! so, here's how it works:

the liebster award is a virtual award passed form one blogger to another. (those with 200 followers or less). the tagged blogger then lists 11 facts about themselves, answers the 11 questions bestowed upon them by the award giver, and nominates 11 new people to answer 11 new questions. i love getting these kinds of things, simply because of the variety it adds to my post line up! so here we go...

  • i am horrible with these lists because i never know what counts as a fact...
  • my favorite thing to eat is avocados. give me one, and i will love you forever. or at least until it's gone ;)
  • i am obsessed with books and reading, but somehow i always run out of time to actually sit down and read a god book. my life is not that busy, but the days just seem to disappear before i realize it. 
  • sometimes i wish i could be a fly on the wall and just buzz around collecting information and giggling at people and that sort. but dodging swatters would not be that fun...
  • i am a generally contradicting person. like my personality is so weird... i am a city girl; i love being around the smells (good ones though!) and the sights and all of the people, but i'm also a country gal too; i love the farming and the scenery, the livestock (minus the smell) and the whole bit. the same goes for my choice in houses... one side of the spectrum features a tiny little cottage, and the other a vast and expansive layout and design. i'm weird, i know. 
  • i want four children. again, i have a few marbles missing right? seriously, i have full names picked out and everything. 
  • i'm super shy, and it's something that i'm trying to change. i also get really bad anxiety in any and all social situations.
  • but then i magically become a social butterfly. go figure. 
  • i am currently studying psychology in junior college. i want to emphasize in behavioral psychology and body language and all that jazz. i'm really excited about it. 
  • but then there's that part of me that wants to go into the medical field and be a bad ass surgeon and save the world, you know. she's really obnoxious and pops out every now and then...
  • hmm.... oh! i have an older half-sister and a younger sister. and a ton of not-family family and you know, that's pretty great too.

  1. what book had the greatest impact on your life and why? i think the book that has had the largest impact on me is nineteen minutes by jodi picoult. i read it in high school, and it's about a massive school shooting, the aftermath, and how everything changes the lives of the entire school, not just those involved. i love jodi picoult, though, so probably anything by her. 
  2. if you could only listen to three artists for the rest of your life, who would they be? hmm... i'd have to say mat kearney, florence and the machine, and... maybe like safety suit or something. not sure.
  3. what was your favorite playground equipment as a kid? i was definitely a monkey bars kid!! i have permanent calluses on my hands!
  4. east coast or west coast? i have never been to the east coast, and i've grown up in california so my answer is totally lame! west... but i'd love to visit the east ;)
  5. what is your "spirit animal" and why? i honestly don't really know. i don't think i have gotten to a place within myself where i have been able to identify much.
  6. what is your biggest wish for the next year? the health of my mom and myself. mostly her.
  7. can you play an instrument? i used to be able to play a little guitar, but not sure if i still could. i want to learn the sax, violin, and piano. maybe in my next life?
  8. what was your favorite junk food as a kid and now? as a kid, eating raw top ramen was like the biggest fad ever. so weird, but yeah... after that it was hot cheetos and since middle school they have been one of my biggest weaknesses! especially the lime ones...
  9. what is your go to routine after a bad day? relaxation and lots of music. when i have my headphones in and my music on, i don't think about anything else, and it's so relaxing.
  10. what are your top three favorite quotes/song lyrics? "ego says,‘once everything falls into place, i’ll feel peace.’ spirit says, ‘find your peace, and then everything will fall into place.'" marianne williamson ; "when life gives you lemons, chuck them at people." cal lightman, lie to me ; "try again. fail again. fail better." samuel beckett.
  11. do you wish on shooting stars? i do! but i haven't seen one in years. it's been a while. maybe while i'm in alaska!

i am going to tag as many people as i can, and we'll see how that goes... i don't follow many small blogs, most have over 500 followers, so here we go: 

and my 11 questions for these lovely ladies are as follows!!
  1. if you could meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
  2. what is your favorite outdoor activity?
  3. who is your biggest role model?
  4. if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? why?
  5. if the world was ending, who would you want on your survival team?
  6. if you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? why?
  7. make your favorite sandwich; what's on it?
  8. if you could choose one thing to have endless amounts of, what would it be? (besides money)
  9. do you love yourself? why/why not?
  10. what is your favorite thing to do when you're stuck inside?
  11. the power is out! what do you do for fun?

have fun! if you want to participate, feel free to answer these questions and comment below so i can read ;)

sincerely, a. 

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  1. Hi Amy,

    This is Ashley from the sisterhood. It was nice reading about you. I've just learned how to crochet this year. I love all your stuff. It's awesome. See you around the sacred sisterhood. :)