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a little about me

hello! welcome to my little blog. i've been on blogger for a short time now but i have never truly kept up with writing weekly. i hope to change that... in september i opened my new etsy shop - rukaa - in hopes of gaining some sort of income to help me pay or school. so far it's been relatively easy to manage. i'm hoping to gain some more sales  and keep new items in the shop weekly. my goal is to manage my shop full - time while getting my degree this spring.

a little about me personally - my name is amy, hi! i'm 19 years old and i'm currently living in alaska! (as of july) i live with my best friend K and her husband, who is currently stationed up here in alaska. so far i'm loving it! i plan on attending university full time working towards getting my a.a.s. in paralegal studies. eventually, i do plan on coming back to california and living in the bay area somewhere, possibly close to my sister and family. 

ultimately, my study goals are to get a ph. d  in psychology with an emphasis on behavioral studies. i'd like to serve as a consultant to various groups / agencies in helping them spot deception! (think lie to me & criminal minds all mushed together!). but, in order to do that, i need to pay for it! the background in law will help out immensely in my field, as well as helping fund my education. 

as far as my shop goes, this season i have a lot in store, all of which will be posted here! i want to try and work out some pop up shops or something, but i'm not sure if or how that is going to work out. i will definitely be hosting some local shops and stuff for purchase. we'll see how it goes!

other than my boring educational babble and my little corner of etsy, i don't really have much of a social life. i have a few close friends that i love dearly. i'll mostly write about my shop and any travels or adventures i take... i hope to have some interesting things to share with you on this blog! if you have any questions, you can shoot me an email at aeyskell@gmail.com. :)

here's a list of a few questions that might come to mind!

1. how old are you? / when's your birthday?

i'm 19, i was born september 27th.

2. where do you live?

alaska! with my best friend and her husband.

3. what do you do for fun? / what are your hobbies?

besides sitting around, contemplating the wonders of life, you mean? i like to read and write, though i do neither often enough. i also like to watch interesting shows, things to learn! i'm a gamer - which surprises a lot of people. i'm a touch obsessed with grand theft auto (4 and 5). i also like to crochet and make new items for my shop! it's a blast. occasionally you'll catch my sketching, but not as often as i used to.

4. what types of media do you like? books, music, tv, etc.

i'm not a really picky person, but a book has to make me think. i love jodi picoult - i think her novels are art and I'm a bit obsessed with them. i also like reading about politics and political figures - fact not fiction. harry potter will always be a favorite of mine, too.

as far as music goes, it all depends on my mood. i listen to a lot of soft / instrumentals (especially the piano - LOVE). i also like popular pop / rock / hip hop as well. it all depends on my frame of mind and the rhythm of the song itself.

television is easy - DRAMA. i've been super obsessed supernatural lately! here's a list of some of my other favorites:  lie to me, fringe, grey's anatomy, burn notice, suits, nikita, pretty little liars (don't judge - it's actually really thrilling), criminal minds, dexter, the blacklist, vampire diaries, american horror story (so creepy yet oh so amazing!), dance moms (love me some momma drama!), scandal, the following, the originals, hostages, and i think that's it! :)

movies are a lot like music - it depends all on my frame of mind. if i'm in the mood to cry, you can find me watching things like bridge to terabithia, welcome to the rileys, or speak. if i see a preview for an intense action thriller or mind - twisting film, you can catch me there. i LOVE christopher nolan, and i'm crazy about his batman trilogy, as well as inception. i also like goofy films, like pirates of the caribbean and sherlock holmes. 

5. where do you go to school? / what are you studying? / what do you want to be when you grow up?

as of now, i'm not enrolled in school. we had some personal family issues arise so i had to drop my classes and take a break. i'm going to try to enroll in university as soon as i can. 

once i begin working and accumulating a solid income, i can continue on with my original educational plans and work towards my ph. d in psychology with an emphasis on behavioral studies. "huh?" I'm sure is what you're thinking at this point... think lie to me and criminal minds all mushed together in one big heaping career. that's me!

6. can I sponsor your blog?

you bet! just click the link on my sidebar and read my sponsor info. :)

7. do you participate in product reviews? / can i review one of your etsy items?

i do! i'm definitely willing to help anyone with a custom and unique shop get noticed in this vast world of creation! if you or someone you know sells something handmade / vintage / unique, shoot me an email with a link to your shop and i'll let you know if it's something i'm comfortable reviewing. please be aware that i will send you a copy of my review before i post it. i also note within the review that i was gifted to write about a product. the review may include a few cons if i think of anything pretty obvious. of course, if you're uncomfortable with my review / opinions, you can always decide to say no to a post.

i do offer product reviews! i only ask that the reviewer have an adequate number of followers / readers. i'm comfortable with tumblr, facebook, and instagram along with most blogging sites. i will mail any item from my shop given that the reviewer offer me the same respects that i stated above in regards to full disclosure before posting the review, as well as a timely review. the item is yours to keep, of course. :)