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shop of the week: oneandmany

06 August 2014

needless to say, i have a love for ceramics, and if i had all the money in the world i would buy tons of them. and, you know, give to various charities and etc, etc.

but i have absolutely fallen in love with etsy's vast selection of artists that deliver such unique and versatile products. one of those shops being oneandmany! these are gorgeous, aren't they??

here are some of my favorites:

as always, if you or someone you know has an etsy shop you'd like to be featured, just message me! i'll check out the shop and you might just see it here.

sincerely, a.


  1. Hey lovely! I nominated your blog for a liebster award - check out the info on my latest blog post :) don't feel like you have to participate, I just wanted you to know your blog is loved and admired!